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As a follow up to my original note on ACUR, I just wanted to add some thoughts from the ACUR Q4 2015  conference call, located here 

“Dosing in the first cohort of AP-LTX-400 commenced in late February 2016, and the entire cohort is enrolled.”  Enrollment is not an issue – that is positive.

“We expect study LTX-400 to complete enrollment, dosing and have complete top line study results announced in the first half of 2016”  This catalyst has come on quickly, which gives the potential for quick moves in the stock.  Coupled with an 11 million share float, ACUR has explosive potential in my opinion.

“we do note [sic] that in the fourth quarter of 2015, that is the first quarter that Egalet has marketed OXAYDO, according to IMS data, the retail dispensed tablets for OXAYDO was approximately the same as the dispensed tablets achieved by our previous partner Pfizer in their first year and a half of marketing. We believe this reaffirms our decision to take the product back from Pfizer and find a more motivated partner.”  Any negative feelings from losing Pfizer as a partner should be abated.

Regarding Bayer: “So, we’ve not disclosed the product that we’re working on with them” and “have not found any significant impediments to advancing that project and it’s going well from our perspective.” This strengthens my speculation that this is a project to get Claritin-D out from behind the pharmacist counter.  This Bayer potential is extremely exciting.  I love that they say they haven’t disclosed the product, as the document I read had hinted at something other than Claritin-D.  Claritin-D is a blockbuster drug, but because of its potential for abuse, the ‘good stuff’ has to be kept behind the pharmacist counter.  Bayer knows that an abuse deterrent version of the good stuff will add millions to its bottom line.

As CEO Bob Jones says, “I look forward to the next quarter and we are hoping that we start seeing some good results out of LTX-400 and advance all the commercial aspects of our other programs.”

Closely related companies to ACUR include ALKS and FLML

I am long ACUR from $2.09

These are my opinions, and none of this is advice to buy or sell.

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