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  • Updated Positions: CBLI, CAPN, APDN, ADAT, MEIP, ATNM, AIMT, WPCS and more… (9/16/2015) -  This is a quick update after the holiday this week. I’m back at my desk and in the chat room today. After two high-profile failed trades in RGSE and HOTR – I’ve regained footing in the past 2 weeks and now have a very promising story trade portfolio which is performing very well. My current long positions are CBLI, CAPN, More »
  • Good Day for our Story Trades SLTD HOTR PIRS RGSE JAKK (7/22/2015) -  Today was our best day in many weeks. * PIRS was up 4% on an upgrade from Roth Capital. It had a record volume day. Kudos to James Evans for finding this opportunity early. We are looking for a swing to $7 * SLTD was up 24% on a pre-announcement of sequential revenue growth of 95%. Trading volume today was More »
  • Lots to Watch in our Top Story Trades Today (5/28/2015) -  GPRO announces drones and virtual reality camera in development. Up 5% in pre-market over recent resistance and heading to our short-term target of $57-$58. I plan to sell some covered calls on this at the open. I also shaved off a few shares in pre-market as I will attempt to trade around my core and buy those shares below $56 More »
  • GPRO – back up the truck – $57 short-term target (5/19/2015) -  I’ve been aggressively buying GPRO calls for the last few weeks and added a few more today. I’ll look to add additional calls on any pullbacks. Why? I live-blogged today’s conference at JP Morgan and Nick Woodman revealed significant news about their new software offering. The new GPRO app is now in alpha-testing company-wide and he made some bold predictions More »
  • GPRO update on trading plan (4/29/2015) -  As I posted on StockTwits in pre-market this morning, I’ve followed through on my plan of buying long-term in-the-money calls. I added the June 19th $40 and $45 strikes and on the prowl for more. Still holding the $35 May 15th strikes which I bought yesterday. I plan to sell weekly covered-calls against my core equity position once GPRO reaches More »
  • GPRO blows out earnings – 40% short (4/28/2015) -  By now you should know GPRO blew out earnings. They are also entering a new virtual reality category with the purchase of Kolor. I’ve been stuck in this stock since I got in after-hours last quarter at $57 but didn’t give up on it. What I like best about GPRO is the brand they are building. The brand ensures they More »
  • Story Trade Updates – Focus YHOO (4/27/2015) -  Hello world. We are having a spectacular couple weeks on our story trades and we haven’t made many moves. Some deep ITM YHOO calls expired last week and we rolled forward to July $40s. We also took advantage of the SLTD run on Friday and sold a few trading shares and rotated them into HOTR. Both are good but I More »