Low-float Acura, Back from the dead, finds itself in the FDA sweet spot


On February 2nd, 2016, President Obama released a statement that he would ask Congress for $1.1 Billion to fight the opioid epidemic, which includes both heroin and abuse of prescription opiates.

White House Press Release asking for funding for opiate abuse

Coincidentally, this was released the morning after Acura Pharmaceuticals announced they were allowed to resume clinical testing of its abuse-deterrent opiate, LIMITX.  Acura expects to commence enrollment in the study in this first quarter of 2016.

Acura allowed to commence clinical trials of abuse-deterrent opiate medication

Two days later, the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner and other leaders called for a revamp of the FDA’s approach to opioid medications.

FDA revamps policy toward opioid medication

All of these events, when combined with a stock that has less than 12 million shares outstanding, could send the shares of Acura Pharmaceuticals sky-high.


I am long ACUR from 2.09


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