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  • Here’s an Update on our top Story Trades Ideas (10/7/2015) -  Good morning all! Been out of the office for some time and now back at my desk. A few quick updates on some Story Trades: APDN: Eli Carmean nailed this and our traders have been riding this from $2.55. The stock is at $6.06 now but it still has a long way to go. CBLI: An article was never published More »
  • Updated Positions: CBLI, CAPN, APDN, ADAT, MEIP, ATNM, AIMT, WPCS and more… (9/16/2015) -  This is a quick update after the holiday this week. I’m back at my desk and in the chat room today. After two high-profile failed trades in RGSE and HOTR – I’ve regained footing in the past 2 weeks and now have a very promising story trade portfolio which is performing very well. My current long positions are CBLI, CAPN, More »
  • MEIP, Trading Below Cash, Could be the Next AQXP: $4 – $14 Target (8/17/2015) -   Last week at the Wedbush PacGrowth Healthcare Conference, the CEO revealed new data points and had very positive remarks when discussing his company‚Äôs Phase 2 and Phase 1b drug trial data. All three drug candidates in the clinic with data expected by the end of this year MEIP Pharma trades significantly below enterprise value and should be trading at More »