APDN update from Annual Shareholder’s Meeting


 I attended the annual shareholder’s meeting today and wanted to provide an update. I’ll first give an overview, and then dig down into each vertical. Overview The meeting was comprehensive and well put together. All directors attended except for one and every member of the executive team was there along with some lower level employees. There were stations setup with More »

APDN Revenue up 7% YoY


 My quick thoughts on today’s results and conference call. I managed to ask two questions on the call… — SUMMARY and My Conclusions… 1. Revenue was in-line with my Q1 estimate 2. Company re-affirmed > $3.6M cotton revenue and > $9.0M company revenue for the year 3. Growth focus beyond cotton this year will be DNANet, Polyester, and Polyolefins. It’s More »

APDN up 27% as it Reports Record Q4 Revenue of $4M, a 517% increase over Q4 2014, and 75% Sequential Increase over Q3


 APDN filed their 10-K tonight for fiscal year 2015 ending September 30th and they reported $4M in revenue for Q4 and $9M in revenue for the year. For the quarter, APDN beat analyst estimates by 100%. Q4 revenue was a 517% increase over Q4 2014. FY revenue of $9M was a 230% increase over 2014. Additionally, APDN reported an adjusted More »

APDN Poised to Report 200% – 440% Revenue Increase Tonight. $5 – $7 Near-term Upside and $15 12-month Target.


 This is a quick earnings preview on APDN. For full coverage see the other APDN articles on the site. APDN is set to report earnings for it’s Fiscal Q4 and FY 2015 after the close today. APDN will file a 10-K after the close. They typically file around 5pm EST. This will be followed by a PR between 5am and More »

CORRECTION: CEO Suggests APDN will be Profitable in Quarter Ending September, NOT December!


 This is an important correction to a story published on StoryTrading on November 19th, titled “APDN up 10% as Short Perpetrator Reported to Authorities & CEO Suggests Company will be Profitable in Quarter Ending December 31st.” Below you’ll see why this title should have read “September 30th” at the end. Upon carefully re-reviewing the webcast, it appears that Dr. Hayward, CEO More »

November 12th E-mail from Patrick Cox Explains how APDN was able to get “PumpStopper” to go on the Run


 Check out the below email from Patrick Cox written on November 12th. After you read this, you will understand how APDN was able to get the PumpStopper to go on the run by shutting down his website and his Twitter. Soon we may see the SA hit piece removed as well. * the source for the below email is a More »

APDN up 10% as Short Perpetrator Reported to Authorities & CEO Suggests Company will be Profitable in Quarter Ending December 31st


 This is a fast-breaking and developing update to our refutation of the APDN short piece written on SeekingAlphha. There are 3 catalysts TODAY causing the stock to pop: This morning, APDN issued a press release reporting that they have identified the short author of the SA article along with his co-conspirator. Both have been reported to the Fed and the More »