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  • TASR Long Position Re-initiated (6/9/2015) -  TASR has been a long-time story stock for us this year but we liquidated our position above $33 several weeks ago to invest in other opportunities. The chart has turned and the news flow is still bullish so we re-entered yesterday at $32.65. London body camera purchases and speculation of a NYPD contract¬†along with continued focus in the media on More »
  • YHOO – Time to add more Calls (5/8/2015) -  If you’ve been watching my moves for the past year, you know my favorite story trade is buying DITM YHOO calls and simply rolling them forward if the trade fails by expiration. At the peak, I had several hundred calls and it payed off handsomely (after some very bad pain in October!). Since December however, my call position has just More »
  • TASR sold covered calls on entire position (5/7/2015) -  This story trade may be coming to a close! We’ve been trading this from the low 20s and now have no more net long exposure. Over the last several days I sold calls on my entire position maxing profits at about $34.20 Hopefully all the calls expire worthless and we can sell more.
  • TASR blow-out earnings (4/30/2015) -  more to come later. The short of it is margin beat across the board with 288% growth in evidence.com segment. Will be selling 20% of my calls at the open and will look for opportunities to turn the remainder of my calls into call spreads by selling out of the money calls with the same expiration date. Congrats!
  • Reminder – TASR Earnings at 8am Tomorrow (4/29/2015) -  I’m holding ITM calls in TASR which expire June 19th. I plan to hold through earnings. I expect revenues to be in-line or a big beat. Earnings or guidance may miss due to increased web development costs for evidence.com and due to their grant program. I’m staying long because I believe any margin pressure caused by the above 2 items More »
  • Quick thought on TASR – Earnings May 6th (4/28/2015) -  Late yesterday, TASR was hit hard due to a letter from Lakewood Capital announcing their short position. In the letter, Anthony Bozza says there is 50% downside attributing $12/share to their weapons division and just $4/share for the body camera division. I’ll comment in more detail later but just wanted to say, I bought TASR calls on the spike down More »
  • Story Trade Updates – Focus YHOO (4/27/2015) -  Hello world. We are having a spectacular couple weeks on our story trades and we haven’t made many moves. Some deep ITM YHOO calls expired last week and we rolled forward to July $40s. We also took advantage of the SLTD run on Friday and sold a few trading shares and rotated them into HOTR. Both are good but I More »
  • Current Story Trades (4/24/2015) -  Some current story trades our traders in the chatroom have the most conviction in are NEON SLTD HOTR YHOO GOGO LAKE TASR PEIX JCP and TSEM. Additionally, many of us are continuing to story trade cybersecurity names HACK CYBR VDSI FEYE and BLOX. We have one short story trade which is CUBA. This is a tricky one so don’t short More »