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  • Updated Positions: CBLI, CAPN, APDN, ADAT, MEIP, ATNM, AIMT, WPCS and more… (9/16/2015) -  This is a quick update after the holiday this week. I’m back at my desk and in the chat room today. After two high-profile failed trades in RGSE and HOTR – I’ve regained footing in the past 2 weeks and now have a very promising story trade portfolio which is performing very well. My current long positions are CBLI, CAPN, More »
  • Good Day for our Story Trades SLTD HOTR PIRS RGSE JAKK (7/22/2015) -  Today was our best day in many weeks. * PIRS was up 4% on an upgrade from Roth Capital. It had a record volume day. Kudos to James Evans for finding this opportunity early. We are looking for a swing to $7 * SLTD was up 24% on a pre-announcement of sequential revenue growth of 95%. Trading volume today was More »
  • YHOO Response to IRS Statement (5/19/2015) -  In an emailed statement, a Yahoo spokeswoman said that because the company filed its request with the IRS earlier this year, it does not expect any changes the agency makes to affect its spinoff plan. “Yahoo understands that the IRS’s statement is not specific to Yahoo’s planned Q4 2015 spin-off of its remaining stake in Alibaba Group and Yahoo Small More »
  • YHOO Trading Update – Up $8500 & counting… (5/15/2015) -  Quick update on YHOO. On May 8th, I posted an article advising the aggressive purchase of ITM calls.  I’ve followed my own advice and have been accumulating $40 July strikes. I plan to stay in this play until YHOO goes well into the $50s. If I don’t reach my target by July expiration, I will roll forward. In addition, StoryTrading.com members More »
  • VZ buys AOL for $4.4B – What’s it mean for YHOO? (5/12/2015) -  VZ buys AOL for $4.4B pr or $50/share in cash. Eric Jackson and other activists have been pushing for a YHOO-AOL merger. What’s this mean for YHOO? Will this be a positive or negative catalyst for the stock this week? UPDATE – related article: http://247wallst.com/media/2015/05/12/aol-verizon-may-tempt-possible-buyers-for-yahoo/
  • YHOO BABA chart comparison (5/11/2015) -  quick post here for the disbelievers who don’t believe in the math that says YHOO is a much cheaper way of buying into BABA. BABA beat on earnings and it’s chart says it’s ready for a run to at least $94 before pulling back. Longer-term BABA is heading over $120. But why would you buy BABA when you can get More »
  • YHOO – Time to add more Calls (5/8/2015) -  If you’ve been watching my moves for the past year, you know my favorite story trade is buying DITM YHOO calls and simply rolling them forward if the trade fails by expiration. At the peak, I had several hundred calls and it payed off handsomely (after some very bad pain in October!). Since December however, my call position has just More »
  • My YHOO trade-strategy ahead of BABA earnings… (5/5/2015) -  For those of you who follow me closely, you know that the YHOO story trade has been my largest position for over a year. In my IRA, I have common shares and in my trading account, I only invest in YHOO with deep in-the-money (DITM) calls. This strategy played a large contributing factor to my 200% return in 2014. I consider More »
  • Story Trade Updates – Focus YHOO (4/27/2015) -  Hello world. We are having a spectacular couple weeks on our story trades and we haven’t made many moves. Some deep ITM YHOO calls expired last week and we rolled forward to July $40s. We also took advantage of the SLTD run on Friday and sold a few trading shares and rotated them into HOTR. Both are good but I More »
  • Current Story Trades (4/24/2015) -  Some current story trades our traders in the chatroom have the most conviction in are NEON SLTD HOTR YHOO GOGO LAKE TASR PEIX JCP and TSEM. Additionally, many of us are continuing to story trade cybersecurity names HACK CYBR VDSI FEYE and BLOX. We have one short story trade which is CUBA. This is a tricky one so don’t short More »
  • Example Story Trades (4/23/2015) -  In 2013 my portfolio grew by 100% and in 2014 it grew by 200%. This was primarily due to key successful story trades. Some story trades included getting into TKMR early during the Ebola craze and holding until peak social chatter was reached, getting into the hydrogen fuel cell craze early with PLUG and selling right at the top after the More »