BREAKING: SMSI Launches Safe & Found IoT with Sprint

The stock has been trading in a range of $2.85 to $3.40 since the last earnings report. This range settled into place due to a combination of fundamental and technical factors.

Today’s news on the backs of Boost news last week is an important catalyst and may cause the stock to start a new bullish trend towards the top of the range around $3.40

Why is the news so important? Besides a new income stream which is NOT in any analyst financial models yet, the back to back commitments by Sprint reduce the customer concentration risk. Sprint will be a SMSI customer for the foreseeable future.

This morning’s launch is highly coordinated with IoT being pushed on the Sprint Homepage and in the Safe & Found app. Included is mention of a Pet Tracker as well. Below are some screenshots. Due to the highly coordinated effort to launch this product, there is a strong likelihood, SMSI will issue a PR later this morning or on Monday.


6/14/19 7:43am EST
Just as StoryTrading broke the Boost Mobile SMSI news days before the company PRd it, we have another breaking update this morning.

SMSI has appeared to launch a new contract with Sprint this morning via the launch of IoT trackers. Our collaborative research group found the following new updates this morning:

Apple Store – today’s update includes ‘Support for new Sprint Trackers + Safe&Found’
Google Store – today’s update includes – ‘Support for new Sprint Trackers + Safe & Found’
Sprint Store – now selling ‘Tracker’ together with ‘Safe & Found’

Our group believes this is the ‘device launch’ for IoT which management previously promised and it represents a new and additional income stream. 

We expect a company PR on this update later this morning or early next week. Once again, StoryTrading members get the scoop first! Join our Research Groups free today.

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