UPDATE: Did SMSI Just Land Orange Telecom as a Customer? – RESPONSE FROM COMPANY

4:08pm EST Update

A participant in our group reached out to the company for comment. The company denied that Orange is a new SafePath customer but did not mention ViewSpot. Advised the presentation would be updated for clarity.

Participants in our SMSI Research Group may have just triangulated a breaking SMSI story.

On 9/17/2019 – participants in our group were able to find hidden public information that SMSI has been running trials of ViewSpot with Huawei and Orange Mobile. Screenshots of these nuggets can be found below:

These trials of ViewSpot jived with multiple management comments that the company has been running ViewSpot trials and a recent comment that two trials have completed. Could Orange Telecom and Huwaei have been those two trials?

Then to complete the triangulation, an updated September 2019 investor presentation found today on the SMSI website shows Orange as a customer for the very first time. Screen shot below:

It’s certainly speculation to conclude that SMSI has landed Orange as a ViewSpot customer but speculation based on extensive collaborative research in our research groups. 
Orange Telecom has 256 million customers worldwide and likely thousands of stores which could purchase the ViewSpot technology.

Will these nuggets move the stock today? Could it be the cause of the 3% jump so far in the stock at publication time? Join StoryTrading Research Groups here to collaborate together and find the hidden stories which move the market.

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