Welcome to StoryTrading!

StoryTrading is growing up! Over the past year, StoryTrading has built a network of investors built on a simple premise: Understand the un-understandable. 

There’s nothing more frustrating or perplexing than watching a stock surge or crash on seemingly no explanation. Stocks often move based on what seems like illegal inside information when in reality the market is being moved by big money or smart money who have done their homework. Retail investors have traditionally been at a disadvantage because they don’t have the resources, the time, or the knowledge to know the unknowable. This is why there is such a big focus on technical trading by retail investors. Because they don’t know the true “story” behind the stock action, they need to infer the story by tracking technical indicators. However, not only is this a lagging indicator but successful technical trading is extremely difficult and only 5% of people do well with it as it involves extreme discipline and emotional control which most human beings are not hard-wired to do successfully. Moreover, it’s the STORY behind the trade which CREATES the technicals. Investors who are in the know are the ones who cause volume to pop and break technical levels. 

Simply said, the story is a leading indicator and knowing the story and having conviction in a story will lead to superior returns compared with trading based on lagging technical indicators. 

At StoryTrading, we work to level the playing field between professional Wall Street insiders and retail investors through the crowd-sourcing of due-diligence. While individual retail investors may not have the needed knowledge, skills, time, or resources to effectively research a company and determine the story, as a collaborative network working together, we do! We’ve brought together hundreds of individuals from various professional and educational backgrounds to share due-diligence with each other and learn the real story behind a trade. In some cases, especially with microcap companies, our collective knowledge has exceeded that of professional analysts covering a company, We collaborate on channel checks, schedule calls with management, and share all of this information with each other.

Armed with the fruits of this collective research, members of StoryTrading can develop a trade thesis based on knowing the full story behind a trade by combining deep fundamental research with technical indicatorsnews catalysts, and investor sentiment.

StoryTrading consists of two components. Our collaboration platform and our publishing platform.

Our collaboration platform is currently based on WhatsApp. You can quickly and easily join any of our WhatsApp groups to get started! While WhatsApp is easy to use, it does have some disadvantages, most notably – the collaborative research history is not available to new users. Due to this and other limitations we plan on migrating to a more robust platform in the future which will better facilitate our vision. In the meantime, join us in one of our many WhatsApp groups!

Perhaps even more exciting, we plan on soon opening a publishing platform which will allow our StoryTrading members to post their Story Trade ideas. We believe our publishing platform will be ground-breaking in the trading community and uniquely tailored to the holistic StoryTrading approach described above.

Get involved in our groups to be among the first to get involved with this publishing platform – coming soon!

Welcome to StoryTrading!

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