Introducing Tips and Subscriptions for COVID Rooms

Are you ready to get the most out of StoryTrading? Our groups have been firing on all cylinders this year, particularly our Coronavirus Trading Lounge which has been a boon for many members. It’s now time to take things to the next level and help supercharge your returns.

As some of you know, we’ve been working on a new ground-breaking platform as we secure our initial round of funding. As part of those development plans, we’ve always envisioned a feature where you could monetarily incentive others to help assist you in your due-diligence. Well we have great news! This valuable tool is available as of right now within our WhatsApp groups. Here’s how it works and why it benefits you to tip others:

StoryTrading will drop in links to prompt users to tip each other when valuable research is shared or great trade ideas come to fruition. The main purpose of this is to incentivize productive and hard-work by your colleagues. Looking for a channel check, notes from a management conversation, or a copy of an analyst report? Reward these nuggets with tips! Tipping allows you to harness the power of the community and develop your own research power-house. And this is where it gets really profitable… Find someone who consistently provides good research to the room? Send them a private message and offer to tip them higher if they share the nugget with you first ahead of the rest of the community.

StoryTrading will retain a platform fee of 30% for soliciting tips on your behalf, processing tips, and distributing tips. If you become a subscriber (see below), our platform fee will drop to 15% so you can keep more of the tips you earn. We’ll be in touch with you when you receive tips so we can coordinate necessary logistics with you so you can get paid. There’s no need to register anywhere to qualify to get tipped. If someone tips you, we’ll seek you out and make payment arrangements.

Oh one last thing, it’s also possible to stay anonymous when you pay a tip if you so choose.

StoryTrading is also releasing early-bird subscriptions to go along with tips. The first 50 people who upgrade today will lock-in a low $10 rate. Here’s what you get:

✅ Remain in the COVID Trading Lounge even if you are not an active contributor.
✅ Access to our weekly Zoom events, the subscriber-only COVID Research Group, and get an Alpha platform VIP invite.
✅ Increase your tip cut from 70% to 85%.

Can’t afford a subscription? No problem! You can stay in the COVID Trading Lounge for free as long as you are an active research contributor.

If you’d like to make a tip or upgrade to a subscription, click here or just navigate to our homepage and click “Payments”.

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