Is Twitter the StoryTrade of the Century?

Twitter (NASDAQ: TWTR) has been a favorite Story Trade of several of our investors in our Main Lounge Trading group since the 2020 election season began. Twitter is known for it’s controversial and vibrant political debate and what is more controversial and fun to debate than Donald Trump’s re-election bid? 

The thesis is simple… as the Democratic Primary debates begin, then kick into high gear, leading into general election debates, Twitter will be sizzling. Engagement will reach record numbers. Interest should be much higher than during the 2016 debate season. 

And check out these excellent fundamentals to boot:

TWTR is up 3.8% today and above it’s 20 DMA. Is it because the investment community is finally thinking about the 2020 election story trade? Will TWTR flounder the opportunity by aggressive banning of individuals with unpopular political opinions?

Join us in the Main Lounge to debate the topic!

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