New Policies as StoryTrading Moves Forward towards Platform Launch

StoryTrading is putting in place additional improvements and policy changes as we further grow our investor community. As many of you know, StoryTrading is building a revolutionary product designed to facilitate the collaboration of research between investors which will eventually supersede and displace our WhatsApp Groups. In the meantime, some policies and guidelines are needed to make WhatsApp the best experience possible.

Here are the new changes:

Group Leaders will now be known as Group Moderators
This change has been made to remove any notion that the purpose of groups is to form a group consensus. Our WhatsApp Groups are used best when all sorts of research nuggets are shared among the group for informational sharing only. While debate is encouraged, it should be limited with no effort to sway the group towards a certain viewpoint.

Encourage the use of “Reply Privately” Function
Group threads should be about sharing facts. While limited debate should happen, if there is continued disagreement or any hint towards personal arguments, these should all happen privately. Use the built in private reply function by long-pressing on an individual message. The main purpose of this is to keep the main thread uncluttered and drama-free. This may be enforced to a stricter standard by StoryTrading admins in our larger groups.

Additionally, admins will always reply privately when dealing with potential issues.

Never Make it Personal – All Nuggets Should be Tolerated
This is already a room-rule but worth reiterating. StoryTrading groups are primarily for the facilitation of research rather than for the emergence of leaders and followers. No idea or shared nugget should ever be met with disparaging the individual or even a group of individuals. Debate only the merits of the argument, never the individual.

StoryTrading Representatives will No Longer Post Trade Ideas or Analysis
We want StoryTrading to be a neutral collaborative platform and do not intend for any room to have the dynamic of leaders and followers where a consensus is reached and all act together. Therefore, going forward, StoryTrading representatives will not post trade ideas or analysis in chat rooms or the website. StoryTrading representatives will continue to be involved in the sharing of nuggets but will limit expressing opinions or analysis and will never share trade ideas in any public channel. Other participants are continued welcome to post their trade ideas, analysis, and opinions.

In addition, all StoryTrading representatives will participate in chat rooms under their personal names rather than under the StoryTrading brand to further ensure we play the role of neutral moderators.

These new policies will encourage even better collaboration as we work towards the launch of our new platform; where we plan to offer our most loyal and active WhatsApp users  special benefits and early access ahead of the general public and other investors.


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