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VIP Subscriptions

Q: How can I cancel my subscription?
A: There is no long-term commitment and you can cancel at any time. Cancel by sending a private message in WhatsApp to an administrator of a WhatsApp group.

Q: How long is my rate good for?
A: The monthly fee including for promotional rates may be raised at any time. You will receive sufficient notice before any price increases.

Q: How do I get access to special Zoom events?
A: After you make a payment, you’ll be given a link to the WhatsApp ‘VIP Lounge’. This is where you can find links to any special Zoom events and access other VIP rooms.

Q: What special Zoom events are there for VIP members?
A: The schedule is subject to change, but currently, we have two Zoom events per week. A weekly meetup on Sundays at 9pm EST and an informal ‘Happy Hour’ every Wednesday at 4:30pm EST. All VIP members can attend these events. 

Q: I’m an active contributor or influencer. Do I need to pay?
A: We comp influential bloggers and other investors who present research and trade ideas to our community on a regular basis. It’s also an opportunity to promote your own paid service. Contact to learn more.


Q: What’s the benefit of tipping someone?
A: Although it may sound like a tip is an act of gratitude; infact, we believe tipping directly helps you, the giver of the tip. Tipping incentivizes others to become better collaborators. It reinforces and encourages the kind of collaboration you are looking for. While you are welcome to tip someone for a trade idea in which you made money, we think a better way to use tips is to reward the discovery of key research nuggets – especially things which are difficult or impossible to find on your own such as channel checks, notes from a personal meeting with management, or excerpts of analyst reports.

Q: How can tipping give me a personal edge over someone else?
A: After you’ve made an initial tip to a particular colleague, you can let them know in a private message that you will tip them a higher amount next time if they share a particular research nugget with you first. You can even make a request for a specific piece of research and put a price on what you are willing to pay for it!

Q: Who can I tip?
A: Anyone! We’ve listed the top contributors in a drop-down menu on the tip form but if the person you want to tip is not listed, just type their name in the box and we will then contact them via WhatsApp to make sure they get promptly paid. Once a user receives a tip, we’ll add them to the drop-down for quicker access in the future.

Q: Are taxes withheld?
A: Taxes are not withheld; however, if you exceed the IRS threshold for non-employee compensation in any calendar year, you will be required to provide StoryTrading with a W-9. 

Q: If I’m paying through StoryTrading, how does the recipient get paid?
A: Payments are made on our website. We will then contact the tip recipient and arrange a prompt payment with them through Venmo after retaining a platform fee.

Q: Does StoryTrading keep my credit card data on file?
A: All payments are made encrypted through Stripe, an industry leader in online payment transactions. StoryTrading has no access to your credit card data. 

Q: How will the recipient be notified?
A: StoryTrading will send a private WhatsApp message to the recipient letting them know they have a tip waiting.

Q: Will the recipient know who the tip came from?

A: Yes, we will let the recipient know who the tip came from unless you select the option to make your tip anonymous.

Q: Will anyone else know the recipient was tipped?
A: Yes, StoryTrading will announce tips which were made but these announcements will exclude the name of the person who gave the tip unless you private message an admin to request that your name be announced as well.  

Q: How much is the platform fee?
A: Recipients will receive 85% of the tip amount if they are a paid subscriber otherwise they will receive 70%.

Q: Why can’t StoryTrading pass on 100% of the tip?
A: StoryTrading has direct and indirect costs associated with payment processing, administering our platform, and soliciting for tips.

Q: Can I tip StoryTrading or any of the admins?
A: Yes, in the tip form, you will find the names of all active contributors including some who are StoryTrading admins. You can choose ‘StoryTrading’ in the drop-down if you’d like StoryTrading to retain 100% of the tip. If you choose a colleague who also happens to be a StoryTrading admin, he or she will receive 85% of the tipped amount.

Q: Can’t I just tip someone directly?
A: We ask that you support the cost of administering our platform for your benefit by tipping through StoryTrading.  

Q: Can I ask for tips in the public channel?
A: No. It’s considered bad etiquette to solicit for tips. This puts uncomfortable pressure on those who may not be in a position to tip. Please allow StoryTrading to solicit on your behalf through general messaging and reminders.