Planet 13 (PLNHF) Overview and Research Group Launch

Following the success of the SMSI Research Group (now full at 256 participants) where average participants are up 200%, StoryTrading has opened the PLNHF Research Group moderated by Room Leader, Michael Cook. The below is an overview of the PLNHF opportunity written by Michael. Visit our Groups Page to join the PLNHF Research Group before it fills up!

Planet13 (P13) is a vertically integrated Nevada based cannabis company that is uniquely focused on merchandising MJ as a retail “destination experience” as opposed to attempting to build a large footprint of relatively inconsequential operations typical of the industry as a whole.  

Adjacent to Wynn Resorts Las Vegas, P13’s flagship superstore is the world’s largest marijuana dispensary measuring 112,000 square feet and accommodates more than 2,000 paying customers daily, and more than 800,000 visitors (80% coming from outside Nevada — facilitating the growth of a true national and international brand) since opening 10 months ago.  P13 is all about grandeur and quality.  They also have the distinction of having placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd with their proprietary cannabis strains in the world MJ championships in Amsterdam the past 3 years.  

P13 just announced record Q2 revenues consisting of 10% of all Nevada MJ sales from just their one store.  Additionally, they had a positive EBITDA of $2.7M dollars.  


In spite of the impressive start to this young company in a very competitive and erratic political cross-currents environment, the co-CEO’s have envisioned much more ahead.  The phase2 buildout of the superstore consisting of a gourmet pizzeria and boutique coffee shop (slated for late September opening), will face a unique to the industry 15,000 sq. ft. marijuana production facility designed to personally connect P13’s customers with their products. Nowhere else will MJ customers be able to actually see the care taken, high-quality ingredients used, the production process, as well as have access to education about MJ effects — and then be able to purchase — all in one place. 

With the buildout of phase2 noted above, P13’s capacity to grow their own strains and augment their edibles, CBD and beverage lines will result in exponentially larger $$ potential.  Also, superstore-CA (world’s 2nd largest MJ facility) is currently on target to open Mar/Apr 2020 located near Disneyland, and is anticipated to be another “destination experience.”  With $20M cash and operating at EBITDA positive, no future capital raises are foreseeable to fund these current growth initiatives.

I believe this company represents a compelling StoryTrading investment vehicle. There are many facets of this growth story in revenue, margins, and profits yet to be explored consistent with the StoryTrading paradigm, and I anticipate a robust and intriguing research forum will result as we light up, inhale and then re-hash all the aromatic $$details, and then extrapolate and reap future investment profits together. 

Join us today in the PLNHF Research Group so we can collaborate together!

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