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We’ll open a new room for any stock as long as we have a volunteer room moderator. Do you want to be a room moderator? Here’s what it entails:

 Help spread the word and find new* members to join your room.

 Lead the collaborative research effort in group chat and maintain the shared Google Drive which we will provide you.

 Encourage and cultivate members to post content and articles on our website which we will market to help get the word out.

 Ensure users follow the Room Rules and notify a StoryTrading admin when a user needs to be removed.

* We know it’s easy to fill up your new room with users from our other WhatsApp groups but it’s better to get new users outside of StoryTrading who are experts in the industry and experts in the stock you want to research. We want the best of the best from around the world. Resist the temptation to grow your room from our pre-existing members.

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