Sprint Accelerates Launch of Tracker with SMSI’s Safe & Found as Stock Begins Surge…

StoryTrading was the first to discover and report on Sprint’s launch of the new Sprint Tracker with SMSI’s SafePath (white-labeled by Sprint as Safe & Found) on Friday morning. This launch likely represents an immediate and material positive impact on SMSI’s financials and shareholders have been bidding up the stock ever since.

Sprint verified StoryTrading’s reporting by issuing a PR this morning. The PR did not mention SMSI by name and SMSI did not yet issue their own PR. This means the stock likely has much more room to run. 

180+ SMSI shareholders have been collaborating in our research group throughout the weekend. Our research includes:

  1. channel checks
  2. unboxing of a Sprint Tracker
  3. close monitoring of Safe & Found App rankings
  4. calls to Sprint customer service

All of our research points to an aggressive national roll-out of Sprint Tracker. Our channel checks indicate stores are already selling Sprint Trackers faster than they ever sold Safe & Found previously. We’ve also been able to gleen from discussions with Sprint customer service that they already have at least 100,000 Tracker devices in stock today to support their launch.

What’s more, just a few moments ago, Sprint has begun aggressive e-mail marketing to existing customers. News of this is already spreading among shareholders quickly as the stock reaches new intraday highs (currently at $3.07 up 5.5%). Here are some screenshots:

We are awaiting the official PR from SMSI and need further clarification on what revenue share will look like for the tracker. On the more robust Safe & Found Family product, SMSI gets a roughly 50% revenue share or $3.50 per subscriber per month. The cheaper Tracker service costs $5 a month. Is this a loss-leader for SMSI to drive sales of the Safe & Found Family product or do they also get 50% or some other amount of the Tracker monthly service fee? StoryTraders are collaborating and waiting for answers from management on this. Regardless, this deal far outdoes anything shareholders expected and should dramatically accelerate SafePath sales for the company.

The stock has steadily moved up since the announcement and is now facing some minor resistance at the 50 DMA but a move to recent highs in the $3.40s within hours or days is likely warranted based on the launch of Sprint Tracker. 

Join our Research Groups free to collaborate with us. More to come…

ps: below are some pictures from an unboxing by one of our members…




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