StoryTrading Designates All Research Groups as Confidential????

StoryTrading is announcing a new policy today for all WhatsApp Research Groups.

Effective immediately, all Research Groups are designated as “Confidential”. Confidential Research Groups can be recognized as such when you see the lock icon ???? in the title of the group (Trading Groups are excluded from this new policy). Here’s what this means for our Research Groups:

  1. All research “nuggets” posted in groups should automatically be considered  as “confidential”.
  2. Confidential nuggets* cannot be shared in any other WhatsApp groups or on any websites or social media sites by anyone including StoryTrading management which means blog or other postings will never be published by StoryTrading about nuggets shared in confidential rooms.
  3. In order for a nugget to be shared outside the confidential room, permission must be granted by the “nugget owner” inside the group chat thread.
  4. The “nugget owner” is excluded from this policy and he/she can, without notice or disclosure, post the nugget anywhere on the internet.
  5. Enforcement: Any user discovered to be sharing confidential information outside the group will be permanently removed from the StoryTrading network without warning.

These new rules bring our WhatsApp groups more in-line with the privacy-focused collaboration network we are developing, better aligns with our vision, and addresses recent user concerns. We look forward to the more robust collaboration we believe these rules will bring to our community.

* Please note, at this time, content on shared Google Drives will continue to be available to anyone with a link to our Drive. If you intend for a research nugget to remain confidential, do not post it on Google Drive. 


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