StoryTrading Mexico Trade Idea Trifecta!

This morning, we wrote about the Mexico Tariff trade ideas and it appears our research group hit the trifecta. A bit of early morning research is paying dividends.

  • LMNR is now up 1% near HOD after a sharp red to green reversal. They grow Avocados exclusively in California. As Mexico Avocado prices rise, LMNR can raise their prices also and book it all as a profit. Learn more here… (BONUS: LMNR is a profitable low-float microcap)
  • TAP is now up 1% at a new HOD also after a sharp red to green reversal. This manufacturer of American and Canadian beers has no exposure to Mexico and stands to gain market share as Corona and other Mexican beers go up in price – Learn more here…  (BONUS: 12 PE and 3% dividend)
  • CZZ is also up 1% as this Argentina provider of sugar can also raise prices to their benefit. (BONUS: 19 PE, 0.65% dividend and the technicals have been very strong)

3 stocks all up for the day while major indices are still down sharply. It pays to know the real story behind the trade.

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