UPDATE: National Rollout of Sprint Tracker Uncovered…

An important update to this morning’s breaking news found here…

Our group has contacted several Sprint stores from around the country and a majority of stores are already carrying Sprint Tracker or expecting a shipment shortly. It is clear we are in the midst of a national rollout of this product which is far more aggressive than when Safe & Found was initially launched. The product is not only on the Sprint homepage and on the app, but stores nation-wide are receiving shipments and are generally well-informed about this new product they are starting to sell. 

This means:
1. revenue can ramp much faster for this new revenue stream than it did for Safe & Found.


2. the likelihood of a PR by this coming Monday is very high. 

Our Research Group has been working overtime uncovering useful nuggets regarding this new product launch and it’s increasing our confidence that the stock will soon experience a sharp move upwards. The stock is currently up only 1% but with a strong bid. StoryTraders are exploring call option trades ahead of an expected PR next week.


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