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Every Trade Needs a Good Story!

Unlike day-trading which is based purely on technical analysis, at Story Trading, we identify "Story Trades", by combining headline news, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and social sentiment to provide context behind your trades, resulting in significantly superior returns.

Why it Works

Do you want to earn more money while having context behind your trades?

Let's be honest. Day Trading isn't easy and most people have difficulty making a living from it. That's not an accident. The truth is, day trading is just GUESS work. The most experienced traders can succeed but mostly because they have learned to have discipline and control their emotions. But even the most successful day traders are lucky if they make a profit in more than 50% of their trades. The reason for this is simple. They are only looking at ONE aspect of a trade. Technical Analysis! Day traders lack context behind their trades and fail to look at several other important variables. Lacking context can also prevent you from staying in the biggest winning trades which can super-size your wealth. 

By adding just a few additional variables to day trading, you can add context and create a STORY trade where the returns are much larger and the percentage of your positive trades are much greater.

The Story Trading Method

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​The Story Trading Method consists of 5 distinct components, not just technical analysis. Story Trading starts with The Headline News (or the story) and then further considers fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and social sentiment in order to filter for ideas and create the trade strategy.

This methodology allows you to have context behind your trades, letting you ride positions for longer periods; all with significantly less stress, more free time, and higher returns!

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